Sunday, May 20, 2007

Installing Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn!

Ubuntu CDs came thursday. I made a decision to sacrifice my ubuntu 6.06 Long Term Support version for the new features in Feisty. I am going to make a clean install instead of upgrading.

First, I made a note of installed applications and the tweaks I made, then backed up important files to a FAT partition, put the CD into drive and rebooted.

It did boot up faster than the previous versions, but that's probably because I added more RAM two months ago. First thing I checked was firefox. It is the newest version ( I clicked the install icon in the desktop and started the install process. When the partitioning part came, I selected manual partitioning and checked the partition where current ubuntu version is installed. Then I resized the partition to make more swap space. My partitions were like this:

  • hda1 fat32 104878 MB
  • hda5 ntfs 104878 MB (windows xp)
  • hda6 ext3 18885 MB (current ubuntu installation)
  • hda 7 swap 197 MB

I resized partition and made a 1GB swap space, then selected ext3 partition as /. Now installation is going on.

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